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Board of Trustees

December 4, 2006 Regular Meeting Meeting Agenda


Regular Meeting

December 4, 2006

6:30 p.m.


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Call to the Public

Approval of Consent Agenda:

1.         Payment of Bills

2.         Approval of Minutes:  November 6, 2006

3.         Request for approval of the purchase of 1 new replacement computer workstation at the cost of $1,268.00.

4.         Request to add $90.90 to the following 2006 Winter Tax Bills and approval to       increase the Refuse Special Assessment Roll (X0012) by $360.00, revising the   2006 levy for Refuse to $617,317.50.

5.         Request for approval of agreement for the collection of the 2007 summer school    property taxes with Howell Public Schools.

6.         Set Public Hearing date for approval of amendments to the Zoning Ordinance       Text affecting the entire Township of Genoa for December 18, 2006 as discussed      by the Planning Commission 10-30-06.

Approval of Regular Agenda:

7.         Request for approval of a special use application, site plan and impact assessment for an expansion of a special use to install an additional drive-thru lane located at             2235 E. Grand River, Sec. 6, petitioned by CVS Realty Corp., as discussed by the       Planning Commission 10-10-06.

8.         Resolution for approval for a Class C Licensed business to be located at the Shops            of Westbury in Genoa Township for an Asian Fusion Style restaurant petitioned     by Hong Hao and Pamela Meng.


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