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Township Sledding Hill
Township Sledding Hill 2
Township Playground
Township Playground 1

Genoa Charter Township Park and Walking Trail

Genoa Charter Township Park

This popular destination features two playgrounds, a water misting feature, sled hill, .66 mile walking path, two regulation sized athletic fields, two basketball courts, a swingset for all ages, picnic tables, and a pavilion with accessible heated bathrooms and warming area.

Genoa Charter Township Athletic Fields

Two Lighted Regulation Sized Athletic Fields are leased for organized sports. Reservations can be made through Howell Area Parks and Recreation at (517) 546 0693.

The fields are situated around the Township Park Pavilion which has heated restrooms open all year long and shaded picnic tables.

There is also a water fountain available with a ground level fountain for pets.

Genoa Charter Township Walking Path

The Walking Path circles the Hall, flanking the soccer fields, extending north to the Fire Station.

The walking path is open to all to enjoy. Residents have reported seeing varied wildlife along the path including hawks, sandhill cranes, herons and deer.

Those walking dogs on the path are asked to keep pets on a leash and we encourage the use of the dog waste baggies and receptacles located on the path near the Hall. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the path.

Genoa Township Sledding Hill

The Township opened the sledding hill in Winter 2010-11 for use. A light pole allows sledding until 10pm. The sled hill has a vertical drop of approximately 40 feet, a run length of over 200 feet and is fun for all ages.

The nearby Park Pavilion has heated bathrooms and a warming area which are open year round.

All are welcome to enjoy the winter fun for free at the Township sledding hill.

Genoa Township Basketball Courts

In 2020, the Township opened two Basketball Courts for residents.  The Basketball Courts are located near the front of the Township Hall property across the driveway from the Sledding Hill.  Both courts are regulation sized and fenced in. The basketball courts have benches and a roofed pavilion for seating. A solar table with charing ports for electronic devices was added in 2023.

Genoa Township Playgrounds

There are three playgrounds that are designed for ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 12 with swingsets, slides and climbing structures.

A water misting feature cools off kids during summer fun. There is also a water fountain available with a ground level fountain for pets.

The playgrounds are open for all to use, so please enjoy them responsibly.

Genoa Township Survivor Park

The Survivor playground will be accessible as well as consist of elements that encourage engagement among all individuals. The goal of the Survivor playground is to provide a safe place where children of all abilities can play together. Different aspects of the playground will be designed to meet the needs of children who have mobility impairments, have autism, or are sight or hearing-impaired. Everything will be accessible, however the user’s unique abilities will determine what they can do. The Survivor playground will be developmentally appropriate for children with and without disabilities by offering a wide range of challenging play opportunities where all children can interact. The focus will be on abilities not disabilities.

In addition to being inclusive, the Survivor playground will also be nature-inspired and will look different than your average playground. Rather than having all elements made out of plastic or metal, the Survivor playground will consist of natural elements and textures such as logs, stumps, ropes, boulders, and plants. Natural playgrounds present opportunities for individual exploration and discovery as well as collaborative play. While playing at the Survivor playground, children will not only develop physical skills but also imagination and problem-solving skills

Construction of the playground began March 27, 2023 and is expected to be completed by mid Summer 2023.

Genoa Charter Township Soccer Fields
Genoa Charter Township Soccer Fields
Genoa Charter Township Walking Path and Soccer Fields
Genoa Charter Township Walking Path and Soccer Fields
Courtesy of Chris Gravelle, Township Resident
Genoa Charter Township Sledding Hill
Genoa Charter Township Sledding Hill
Ages 2-5 Playground
Ages 2-5 Playground
Ages 5-12 Playground
Ages 5-12 Playground
Swing Set
Swing Set
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