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Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses Online

Dog licenses are now available for renewal/purchase online through Livingston County's website.  For more information or to renew, please visit https://milivcounty.gov/treasurer/dog-licenses/

Dog License - FAQ's

The State of Michigan requires the annual licensing of all dogs 4 or more months old.

Dog Licenses will now expire in the month of the rabies expiration date.

You now have the option to purchase a one year license or a three year dog license which will expire in the MONTH of the current rabies expiration date. However, the rabies vaccination must be valid for the entire three year period in order to purchase the three year license. Please note that your dog license will extend to the MONTH of your current rabies expiration date. Reminder postcards will be mailed out approx. two months prior to the expiration date. Rabies vaccines can be renewed anytime in the MONTH in which it expires.

If you do NOT purchase a Dog License by the end of that MONTH, a late fee of $20.00 will be added to the price of a Dog License.

Prices are as follows:

New Fee Schedule

Dog License Fees.pdf
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