Utilities: 800-881-4109

Hours: M–F 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

For questions regarding Water and Sewer, please visit the MHOG utility page at http://mhog.org/


History and Department Overview

As the area around Howell, MI flourished in the 1990's, municipal sanitary sewer and water systems were installed in Marion, Howell, Oceola, and Genoa Townships, the four Townships that surround the city of Howell. The MHOG (Marion-Howell-Oceola-Genoa) Water Authority was created to provide water within the boundaries of the four Townships. Sewer service is provided to these Townships in various ways: Marion Township contracts with the City of Howell, Howell Township owns and maintains their own sewer system, and the G-O Sewer Authority was created to provide sanitary sewer within Genoa and Oceola's district boundaries.

The Genoa Township Utility Department oversees the day to day operations, planning, and operation of the municipal water systems in MHOG (Marion, Howell, Oceola, and Genoa Townships) and the sanitary sewer systems for Genoa and Oceola Townships.

The department oversees three (3) wastewater treatment plants, a sanitary collection system with over 500,000 linear feet of pipe and 56 pump stations, two (2) water treatment plants, and a water distribution system with over 750,000 linear feet of pipe, seven (7) water towers, and four (4) booster stations.

Today, the Utility Department has 25 employees located amongst the Township Hall, the Marion-Howell-Oceola-Genoa water facility, and the Genoa-Oceola Wastewater treatment facilities

Utility Department Mission Statement

It is our mission to focus on serving and supporting our community and its residents by providing safe and reliable drinking water and sewer service while continually reinforcing our reputation for superior personal service by providing training, recognition, security and overall safe practices to our staff within a professional environment that is positive and supportive of all team members.


1-800-881-4109 (water and sewer billing inquiries)

1-888-481-0439 (sewer and water emergency line)

Pine Creek Residents:  Contact the City of Brighton at (810) 225 8001 for at their emergency line at (810) 227-9479

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