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The Genoa Township Treasurer oversees the Township Treasury Department. The Treasury Department collects real and personal property taxes, keeps an account of Township receipts and expenditures, oversees special assessments, disburses Township checks, deposits Township revenues in approved depositories and invests Township funds in approved investment vehicles. The Treasury Department also collects delinquent personal property tax and is responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting delinquent personal property tax as well as collects mobile home specific tax.

Treasurer FAQ

Bill Payment FAQ

Tax Bills

Tax bills go out July 1st for the summer tax bill and December 1st for the winter tax bill. If you don't receive a bill please call the Treasurer's Department at (810) 227-5225.

Partial Payments

Township residents have the option of making partial payments toward their tax amounts due. This option is available for the Summer and Winter taxes. However, payments can only be made during the tax collection season. Summer tax bill payments can be made between July 1st and February 28th (between 9/15 through 2/28 a 1 percent penalty per month is incurred) and Winter Tax Bill payments can only be made between December 1st and February 28th. If interested please feel free to contact the Treasurer's Office at 810-227-5225 for additional information.

To Pay by Mail

Make checks payable and mail to: Genoa Township, 2911 Dorr Road, Brighton, Michigan 48116. Property tax payments received in the mail will be mailed a paid receipt. Payments will be posted, as the date received not the date it is mailed or the date the check is written. Postmarks are not accepted.

To Pay in Person

If paying in person, please bring your entire tax bill with you for a stamped paid receipt. Payments made at the Township can be made by cash or check. Credit Card payments cannot be made at the Township. The Township Offices are open Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

After Hours Drop Box

For your convenience there are two drop boxes located at the Township Offices, 2911 Dorr Rd., Brighton, MI 48116. There is a drive-up drop box in the front parking lot as well as a drop box located at the front entrance. After hour payments received in the drop box on the due date will be posted paid on time. Payments put in the drop box will be mailed a paid receipt.


Please make checks out to Genoa Township. Please write your telephone number and your Property I.D. Number on your check for reference. Checks are accepted only as conditional payment. If the bank does not honor the check, the tax is considered unpaid and subject to applicable penalties and interest. A $25.00 fee will also be charged each time a check is returned to us unpaid.

Please do not combine tax payments with any other payments (i.e. write one check for tax payment and write a separate check for a sewer/water payment, etc.) Please do not send cash.

Electronic Payments

You have the option of paying your property taxes with a credit card or electronic check. Electronic payments can only be made online at www.genoa.org, Point and Pay is providing this service for the Township. They will charge a convenience fee of approx. 3% for their service on credit card payments and a flat fee of $3.00 for electronic check payments. Credit card payments cannot be made at the Township.

Electronic Payments for Taxes

Genoa Township property owners now have the option of paying property taxes electronically.

American Express®, Discover®, Master Card®, Visa® credit cards and electronic checks are accepted.

Point and Pay, the service provider, charges a $3.00 flat fee for electronic check payments, no matter the tax payment amount. A 3% convenience fee is charged for credit card payment processing online or by phone.

Why do I have to pay a convenience fee for credit card payments?

Point and Pay charges a convenience fee for processing the payment transaction. The fee is not charged by or paid to Genoa Township. The convenience fee is assessed to cover operating costs and the costs associated with the credit card companies. You will be informed of all charges and fees before you authorize the payment.

Why doesn't the Township cover the convenience fee?

If Genoa Township were to assume the cost of the fees, the funds would have to come from the general fund. This is not viewed as an appropriate use of Township funds as it benefits only some, not all, of the residents.

Can I pay with a credit card at the Treasurer's Office?

No. The ability to make credit card payments is available online.

How safe is online payment system?

The system has been tested and proven. The information gathered is private and will not be forwarded to anyone.

Will I receive a confirmation of my card payment?

Yes. You will be provided a confirmation number at the end of the payment transaction. This confirmation number and your card statement will provide confirmation of your card payment to the government agency.

How can I be sure that my payment was processed correctly?

You can verify your Internet payment online here. All payments are posted within 24 hours of being processed.

Who do I call if my payment doesn't appear on my card statement?

Call the Township Treasurer's at (810) 227-5225.

How are taxes calculated?

Taxable Value X Millage Rate / 1000 = Taxes. This formula will calculate taxes only, this does not include the 1% administrative fee or any special assessments (if applicable). All residential homes in Genoa are levied a $117.00 annual fee on the Winter tax bill for garbage pickup.

Township Treasurer Robin Hunt
Township Treasurer Robin Hunt
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