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Code Enforcement Department


Code Enforcement Department Description

The Code Enforcement department enforces Genoa Township ordinances to preserve and protect the Township.

Code Enforcement FAQ

What codes does Genoa Charter Township enforce?

The Genoa Charter Township Code Enforcement Officer enforces the ordinances of the Township.

For violations of the building code, please contact the Livingston County Building Department at (517) 546-3240.

Do I need a permit from the Township for a garage sale or a yard sale?

No permit is required for garage or yard sales in the Township. We just ask that all signs be removed after the sale is done.

I believe a resident or business owner is violating Township ordinances. Who do I contact?

Violations of the Township ordinances and similar issues may be directed to the Zoning Administrator at (810) 227 - 5225.

I have a complaint about a dog, who do I contact?

For complaints regarding the number of dogs or dogs barking, you may contact the Zoning Administrator. For dogs running loose, please contact the Livingston County Animal Control at (517) 546-2154.

Can my neighbor run a business from their home?

Genoa Charter Township residents may run a business from their home. However, any business must follow the Home Occupation guidelines under Article 3 of the Zoning ordinance. Violations of the Home Occupation ordinance can be reported to the Zoning Administrator.

My neighbor's water drainage is coming on to my property/My neighbor is mowing on my property/etc What can I do?

Unfortunately the Township is not empowered to act in disputes over property lines and water drainage. The Township recommends documenting all instances you feel are violations and speak to the neighbor or your attorney.

Do I need a permit to burn leaves?

Residents do not need a burning permit to burn leaves and other plant materials. We ask that when you burn you do so safely and responsibly by having a person tending the fire at all times. The burning of hazardous materials such as trash is prohibited. For more information on burning please visit the Brighton Area Fire Authority website.

I believe someone is hunting illegally, who should I call?

If you believe someone is hunting illegally per the Township hunting ordinance or state law, please contact the Livingston 911 non-emergency line at 517 546 9111.

The Township does not have an ordinance regarding a concern I have. What do I do?

The Township promotes open communication between residents so if you feel comfortable you are encouraged to have a discussion with your neighbor about your concerns. If available, you may also want to check with your local neighborhood association to see if they have rules which may address your situation. Associations often address issues that the Township cannot.

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