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Disorderly Conduct


50.000. An ordinance to promote the health, safety and welfare
of the residents, property, and other persons within Genoa Township,
and to secure the public peace of Genoa Township by the regulation
of conduct which shall be prohibited in public places within said
Township; to provide penalties for the violation of said ordinance
and to repeal all ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict
with the provisions hereinafter following.

The Township Board of Genoa Township, Livingston
County, Michigan, ordains:

50.010. TITLE. Sec. 1. This Ordinance shall be known as, and
may be cited as, the Genoa Township Disorderly Conduct Ordinance.

50.020. DEFINITIONS. Sec. 2. The term "public place" as used
herein shall mean any street, road, drive, alley, park, public
building, or any place of business or assembly open to or frequented
by the public.

50.030. ACTS PROHIBITED. Sec. 3. No person shall:

(a) Be drunk or intoxicated or under the influence
of any controlled substance as defined in any of
the schedules of Act No. 339 of the Public Acts
of 1974, as amended, commonly known as the
"Controlled Substances Act of 1971", in any
public place;

(b) Engage in any indecent, insulting, immoral,
or obscene conduct in any public place;

(c) Fire, discharge, display, or possess any
fireworks except those which are permitted
by state law;

(d) Go armed with, or have concealed upon his
person, a dirk, dagger, sword, pistol, air gun,
stiletto, metallic knuckles, pocket billie,

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sand bag, skull crusher, razor, or other
offensive and dangerous weapon or instrument,
unless such person holds a license to carry a
concealed weapon issued in accordance with
Act No. 372 of the Public Acts of 1927, as
amended, or pursuant to other applicable state

(e) Engage in window peeping;

(f) Beg in any public place;

(g) Swim or bathe in the nude in any public place;

(h) Utter vile, vulgar, or obscene language in any
public place;

(i) Make any immoral exhibition or indecent exposure
of his or her person;

(j) Willfully destroy, damage or in any manner deface
any property not his own, or any public school
building, or any public building, bridge,
street light, street sign or other property
belonging to the Township, or located in the
public places of the Township, or mark or
post handbills on, or in any manner mar the
walls of any public building, or fence, tree,
or pole within the Township, or destroy, take,
or meddle with any property belonging to the
Township, or remove the same from the building
or place where it may be kept, placed, or
stored, without authority from the Township
Manager or other official custodian of said

(k) Insult, accost, molest, or otherwise unreasonably
annoy, either by word of mouth, sign, or motion,
any person in any public place;

(l) Engage in any disturbance, fight, or quarrel
in a public place;

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(m) Collect or stand in crowds, or arrange, encourage,
or abet the collection of persons in crowds for
illegal or mischievous purposes in any public

(n) Jostle or roughly crowd persons in any street,
alley, park or public building;

(o) Loiter on any street or sidewalk or in any park
or school or other public building or conduct
himself in any public place so as to obstruct
the free and uninterrupted passage of the public;

(p) Solicit or accost any person for the purpose of
inducing the commission of any illegal, indecent,
immoral, or depraved act;

(q) Disturb the public peace and quiet by loud,
boisterous or vulgar conduct;

(r) Permit or suffer any place occupied or
controlled by him to be a place of a noisy,
boisterous, or disorderly person;

(s) Obstruct, resist, hinder, or oppose any
constable or any member of the sheriff's
department or state police, or any peace
officer in the discharge of his duties as

(t) Wander about the streets, either by day or
night, or loiter in any public building
without any lawful means of support or
without being able to give a satisfactory
account of himself;

(u) Prowl about the private premises of any
person in the nighttime, without authority
or permission of the owner of such premises;

(v) Enter any enclosed or unenclosed vegetable
garden or orchard located within the Township
without the consent of the owner, or tenant,

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or his or her agent, and there cut down,
injure, damage, destroy, eat, or carry away
any portion of said garden, including any
growing thing, crop, tree, timber, grass,
seed, soil, fertilizer, water supply, tool,
implement, fence, or any other protective
device or any other thing useful for the
development, cultivation, maintenance, and
use of any such garden or orchard;

(w) Make or excite any disturbance or contention
in any tavern, store, grocery, manufacturing
establishment, or any other business place,
or in any street, commercial parking lot,
lane, alley, highway, public building, grounds,
or park, or at any election or other public
meeting where citizens are peaceably and
lawfully assembled;

50.040. PENALTIES. Sec. 4. Any person who violates any provision
of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon
conviction thereof shall be fined not exceeding $100.00, or by
imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or both said fine and
said imprisonment.

50.050. SEVERABILITY. Sec. 5. It is the intention of the
Township Board that each separate provision of this ordinance shall
be deemed independent of all other provisions herein, and it is
further the intention of the Township Board that if any provision
of this ordinance be declared to be invalid, all other provisions
thereof shall remain valid and enforceable.

50.060. EFFECTIVE DATE. Sec. 6. This ordinance shall take effect
30 days after publication.

) ss.

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I hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance is a true
copy of the ordinance enacted by the Township board on the 15th day
of November, 1976 and that the necessary legal provisions
have been observed.

__________________________ ____________________________
Wendy W. Peterson, Township Clerk

I, Wendy W. Peterson, Clerk of the Township of Genoa,
hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance was published within ten
days after adoption by printing the same in the Livingston County Press
on the 24th day of November, 1976.

Wendy W. Peterson, Township Clerk