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Board of Trustees

August 15, 2022 Regular Meeting Meeting Agenda


Regular Meeting

August 15, 2022

6:30 p.m.


Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Call to the Public (Public comment will be limited to two minutes per person) *:

Consent Agenda:

1. Payment of Bills: August 15, 2022

2. Request to approve Minutes: August 1, 2022

Regular Agenda:

3. Review Quarterly Budget to Actual Report as provided by Ken Palka C.P.A.

4. Consideration of amendments to the fiscal year 2022-2023 budget as follows:

A.     Adjust Fund 202 – Special Assessment Districts as follows:

1)      Create a budget for Homestead principle revenue line item number 202-478-628-005 in the amount of $14,968

2)      Create a budget for Homestead interest revenue line item number 202-478-665-001 in the amount of $2,993

3)      Create a budget for Homestead project expenses line item number 202-478-801-075 in the amount of $90,000

4)      Create a budget for Timberview project expenses line item number 202-476-801-075 in the amount of $40,000

B.      Adjust Fund 208 – Parks and Recreation as follows:

1)      Create a budget for Senior Survivor Park revenue line item number 208-000-668-001 in the amount of $462,069

2)      Increase the Senior Survivor Park Project expenses line item 208-751-934-001 from $139,300 to $601,369

C.      Adjust Fund 101 – Dept 171 Township Supervisor as follows:

1)      Change the budget on Township Supervisor Salary expense line item 101-171-702-014 from $63,478 to $62,740 due to a miscalculation

5. Request to amend FY 2022/2023 budget as recommended by the Election Commission.


Member Discussion


*Citizen’s Comments- In addition to providing the public with an opportunity to address the Township Board at the beginning of the meeting, opportunity to comment on individual agenda items may be offered by the Chairman as they are presented.