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Zoning Board of Appeals

June 21, 2022 Public Hearing Meeting Agenda



JUNE 21, 2022

 6:30 P.M.



Call to Order:


Pledge of Allegiance:



Approval of Agenda:


Call to the Public: (Please Note: The Board will not begin any new business after 10:00 p.m)

1.      22-11…A request by Jeff and Kelly Pine, 3520 Golf Club, for a rear yard setback variance to construct a detached accessory structure. 

2.      22-12…A request by Donna and Daniel Cheresko, 5589 Wyndam Lane, for a front yard setback variance to construct an addition to an existing two-car garage.

3.      22-13…A request by Thomas Adamczyk, 3311 Merrow Lane, for a variance to allow a property split to build a new home on a nonconforming private road.

4.      22-14…A request by builder Brian Parsons and owners Lawrence and Wendy Ollearis, 4100 Highcrest Drive, for waterfront setback variance to demolish an existing home and construct a new two-story home.

5.      22-15…A request by Philip and Melissa Casteleyn, 582 Hilltop Drive, for a rear yard setback variance for an addition to remain and to construct another addition on an existing home.

Administrative Business:


1.      Approval of minutes for the April 19, 2022 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.

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  2. Member Discussion
  3. Adjournment