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Zoning Board of Appeals

February 15, 2022 Public Hearing Meeting Agenda



FEBRUARY 15, 2022

 6:30 P.M.



Call to Order:


Pledge of Allegiance:



Approval of Agenda:


Call to the Public: (Please Note: The Board will not begin any new business after 10:00 p.m)

1.      22-02…A request by Robert J. Brantley, 7595 Brookview Drive, for a wetland variance to allow a detached accessory structure and landscaping wall to remain in the 25-foot undisturbed natural features setback buffer.

2.      22-03…A request by Robert Lay, 1824 S. Hughes Road, for a front, waterfront and side yard variance to construct a 2-story addition on an existing single-family home.

3.      22-04…A request by Jon McLachlan, 1193 Chemung Drive, for a rear yard variance to allow an existing covered deck to remain on an existing single-family home.

4.      22-06…A request by Kevin Kline, 2157 Webster Park Drive, parcel # 4711-30-101-110, for a variance to construct a detached accessory structure on a vacant parcel.

5.      22-05…A request by Jere Palazzolo, 3280 Chilson Road, parcel# 4711-20-100-020, for an appeal of the Planning Commission per Section 23.02.01 determining re-application validity.

Administrative Business:


1.      Approval of minutes for the January 18, 2022 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.

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