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Board of Trustees

February 7, 2022 Regular Meeting Meeting Agenda


Regular Meeting

February 7, 2022

6:30 p.m.

Community Bible Church

7372 Grand River


Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Call to the Public (Public comment will be limited to two minutes per person)*:

Consent Agenda:

1. Payment of Bills: December 6, 2021, January 3, 2022 and February 7, 2022

2. Request to approve Minutes: November 15, 2021 and January 3, 2022

3. Request to approved the attached schedule of meetings and holidays for 2022.

4. Request approval to enter into agreements to collect 2022 summer property taxes for the Brighton Area Schools, Hartland Consolidated Schools, Howell Public Schools, and the Livingston Educational Service Agency as submitted by the Township Treasurer.

Regular Agenda:

5. Consideration of a recommendation for approval of a rezoning (adoption of Ordinance Z-22-01) from Industrial (IND) to Planned Industrial District (PID), Planned Unit Development Agreement, Environmental Impact Assessment and Conceptual Planned Unit Development site plan for a proposed asphalt plant at 3080 Toddiem Drive, located at Victory Drive and Toddiem Drive intersection. The rezoning includes the following parcels: 4711-08-100-009 and 4711-05-303-015. The request is petitioned by Net Least Associates North and South, LLC.

A. Request for approval and adoption of Ordinance Z-22-01 to rezone parcels 4711-08-100- 009 and 4711-05-303-015 from IND to IND/PID (requires roll call vote)

            B. Disposition of Planned Unit Development Agreement dated December 1, 2021

            C. Disposition of Environmental Impact Assessment dated November 24, 2021

            D. Disposition of Conceptual Planned Unit Development Site Plan revised on September 21-2021

6. Consideration of a recommendation for approval of an environmental impact assessment (11/22/21) for a proposed 73-space parking lot on the west side of the site located at 7372 Grand River, Brighton for Community Bible Church. The request is petitioned by Community Bible Church.

7. Request for approval of Resolution 5A (amending the Special Assessment Roll) for the Darlene Drive Road Improvement Project Amendment for a project cost reduction of $30,558.49. Roll call vote.

8. Request for approval of an intergovernmental agreement for cooperative paid assessment intern, mentoring and training. Roll call vote.

9. Request by the Township Assessor to approve Resolution 220207 establishing guidelines for granting Poverty Exemptions from property taxes pursuant to MCL.211.7U and establishing beginning date for the Board of Review. Roll call vote.


Member Discussion


*Citizen’s Comments- In addition to providing the public with an opportunity to address the Township Board at the beginning of the meeting, opportunity to comment on individual agenda items may be offered by the Chairman as they are presented.