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Board of Trustees

May 6, 2019 Regular Meeting Meeting Agenda


Regular Meeting and Public Hearing

May 6, 2019

6:30 p.m.


Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Call to the Public (Public comment will be limited to two minutes per person)*:

Approval of Consent Agenda:

1. Payment of Bills.

2. Request to Approve Minutes: April 15, 2019

3. Request for approval of a proposal from Dell for the purchase of five new workstations at a cost not to exceed $3,531.35.

4. Request for approval of site work and installation of a basketball court at Genoa Park at a cost of $105,303.60.

5. Request for approval of proposals in the amount of $6,446.00 from Mica Crafters for improvements to the main copy room and the Township kitchen.

Approval of Regular Agenda:

6. Public hearing for the Edwin Drive Road Maintenance Project (Summer 2019).     

     A. Call to the Property Owners and to the Public.

     B. Request for approval of Resolution #5 [confirming the special assessment roll] for the Edwin Drive Road Improvement Project Special Assessment District (Summer 2019).

7. Consideration of a recommendation for approval of a rezoning (adoption of Ordinance Z-19-01), PUD Agreement, Impact Assessment and conceptual PUD Plan for a proposed planned industrial development with a new 67,000 sq. ft. indoor climate controlled storage building. The rezoning requested is from GCD to IND with a Planned Industrial District (PID) overlay located at 2528 Harte Drive, Brighton consisting of 10.62 acres on parcel 4711-13-300-009. The request is petitioned by James Pappas of Fusco, Shaffer and Pappas, Inc.

  1. Public hearing and adoption of Ordinance Z-19-01 to rezone parcel 4711-13-300-009 from GCD to IND/PID.  (ROLL CALL)
  2. Disposition of PUD Agreement revised on April 16, 2019.   
  3. Disposition of Environmental Impact Assessment dated January 2019.
  4. Disposition of Conceptual PUD Plan dated 2/22/19 with revised sheets A.S.101 and C.102 dated 4/5/19.

8. Consideration of a recommendation for approval of a special use, site plan and environmental impact assessment for an amendment to a previously approved special use permit for a K-12 Livingston Christian School located within the Brighton Church of the Nazarene. The property in question is located at 7669 Brighton Road, Brighton, Michigan, on parcel #4711-25-400-059. The request is petitioned by Livingston Christian Schools.

       A.  Disposition of Special Use.

       B.  Disposition of Environmental Impact Assessment (3-11-19)

       C.  Disposition of Site Plan (3-11-19)

9. Request to enter into a closed session to discuss pending litigation in the matter of Ikle v. Genoa Charter Township 29855-CZ pursuant to MCL 15.268 (e).


Member Discussion


*Citizen’s Comments- In addition to providing the public with an opportunity to address the Township Board at the beginning of the meeting, opportunity to comment on individual agenda items may be offered by the Chairman as they are presented.