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Zoning Board of Appeals

December 9, 2014 Public Hearing Meeting Agenda

December 9, 2014, 6:30 P.M.

Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance:


Approval of Agenda:

Call to the Public: (Please Note: The Board will not begin any new business after 10:00 p.m.)
1. 14-25 … A request by Chilson Pointe LLC, 4666 Brighton Road, for a variance from the maximum allowable size of a detached accessory building to construct a detached accessory structure.
2. 14-30 … A request James Harmon, 4289 Sweet Road, for a variance from the maximum allowable size of a detached accessory building.
3. 14-31 … A request by Steve Schenck, Section 4, 4072 E. Grand River, for a variance to permit a temporary sign, which exceeds the allowable period of time a temporary sign is allowed to be permitted and to exceed the number of times a business is allowed to use a temporary sign during its stay at the same location. Other street addresses at this parcel include: 4050, 4072, 4080, 4084, 4092, 4096, 4104, 4116, 4128, 4132, 4140, 4144, 4148, and 4160.
4. 14-32 … A request by Christian and Damian Karch, 5400 Brady Road, for a side yard setback variance to construct an addition onto an existing detached accessory building.

Administrative Business:

1. Approval of minutes for the Oct. 21, 2014 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.
2. Correspondence
3. Township Board Representative Report
4. Planning Commission Representative Report
5. Zoning Official Report
6. Member Discussion
7. Adjournment