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Zoning Board of Appeals

July 15, 2014 Public Hearing Meeting Agenda

July 15, 2014, 6:30 P.M.

Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance:


Approval of Agenda:

Call to the Public: (Please Note: The Board will not begin any new business after 10:00 p.m.)
1. 14-15 … A request by Kristinne Horvath, 3682 Beattie Road, for a variance from the maximum allowable building height of an accessory building to construct a detached accessory building.
2. 14-16 … A request by NorthRidge Church, 7555 Brighton Road, for a variance to install a wall sign in a single family residential zoning district.
3. 14-17 … A request by Tim Chouinard, 824 Pathway, for side yard setback variance, front yard setback variance and shoreline setback variance to construct an addition to the existing house.
4. 14-19 … A request by John Smarch, 715 Pathway, for a side yard setback variance to construct an addition above the attached garage.
5. 14-20 … A request by Poloski Construction Inc., 3758 Noble St., for a shoreline setback variance and a front yard setback variance in order to construct a single family home.
6. 14-21 … A request by Delores Malysz, 1330 Clark Lake Road, for a front yard setback variance to construct an addition and raise the foundation.

Administrative Business:

1. Approval of minutes for the June 17, 2014 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.
2. 2013 Annual Report Executive Summary
3. Correspondence
4. Township Board Representative Report
5. Planning Commission Representative Report
6. Zoning Official Report
7. Member Discussion
8. Adjournment