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Board of Trustees

August 6, 2007 Regular Meeting Meeting Agenda


Regular Meeting and Public Hearing

August 6, 2007

6:30 p.m.


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Call to the Public

Approval of Consent Agenda:

1. Payment of Bills

2. Approval of Minutes: July 16, 2007

3. Request for approval for adjustment to the Oak Pointe and Lake Edgewood sewer and water rates.

4. Request for approval of the NATaT convention budget for Township Board members as submitted by Township Supervisor.

5. Request for approval of impact assessment and site plan for a proposed 7,500 sq. ft. industrial building, located on the south side of Brighton Pines Court and west of Dorr Road, Sec. 15, petitioned by Brivar Construction Co. (07-14)

6. Request for approval of a grant of easement to Mrs. Grassi for vacant land located on Hughes Road.

Approval of Regular Agenda:

7. Consideration of request from Livingston County Economic Development Council for renewal of contract between EDC and Genoa Charter Township.

8. Consideration of approval for new and transferring on premises Class C license to be located at 4313 Grand River per request by the Bluefin Japanese Steakhouse.

9. Public hearing for approval of amendments to Zoning Ordinance Articles 9,11,16,18, & 22. (07-16)

10. Discussion regarding possible placement of art work on the Township Hall property.


Member Discussion