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Township Clerk Polly Skolarus

Mrs. Skolarus has served Genoa Charter Township in the capacity of Clerk since February 1, 1986. During that time she served on the following boards and committees:

• Secretary and President of the Livingston County Clerks Association
• Executive Committee of SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments)
• President of the Livingston County Chapter of Michigan Townships Association
• Representative and Secretary to the Zoning Board of Appeals
• Greenways Committee establishing the bike/walk paths within the Township
• Regional Clearing House Committee with SEMCOG
• Member of the Michigan Association of Clerks
• Chair of the Township Election Commission

The statutory duties of the Township Clerk are numerous, technical and legally essential to the proper operation of municipal government. Mrs. Skolarus is responsible for the records management of the Township. This includes the management of revenue and expenditures related to the accounting of all Township funds. (All journals and ledgers must be maintained as prescribed by the state treasurer.) Mrs. Skolarus' office is also responsible for payroll, budgeting and records management of all activities related to the operation of Genoa Charter Township.

Mrs. Skolarus, as Chair of the Election Commission, is responsible for the administration of elections and voter registration. An absent voter policy has been established in Genoa Township that has been copied by other local municipalities. Genoa Township was the first to make an application for an absent voter ballot available to Township residents on the internet. She was the first to establish a receiving board in Livingston County which provided a review of all election material received from the precincts prior to delivery to the County Board of Canvassers. Polling places, precincts, ballot processing and election inspectors are all determined by the Clerk's office.

Mrs. Skolarus is also the secretary to the Township Board and is responsible for recording and publishing all minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees. All documents related to Township business are to be executed by Clerk and files are kept accordingly

With the consent of the Township Board, newsletters are published three or four times a year providing residents with up-to-date information concerning taxes, elections and other Township business. Township newsletters have been published under her direction since 1978 and have been published on the web beginning in 1999.

Mrs. Skolarus was widowed in 2001 and recently married Charles (Chip) Hartinger, who works for Ford Motor Company in Advanced Engineering. She has one adopted daughter, Kelly Lollio and two grand children Jillian (8-years) and Brody (6-years). She has lived in Genoa Township since 1974 and was a founding member of the Brighton Junior Women's Club. She worked with Special Olympics and supports the education of children in Honduras.

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